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Backfield Boys

John Feinstein.

New York, New York : Farrar Straus Giroux, 2018.


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"The best writer of sports books in America today" ( The Boston Globe ) tells a thrilling story of friendship, football, and a fight for justice.

Renowned sports journalist and New York Times- bestselling author John Feinstein's young adult novel Backfield Boys follows best friends and football stars Jason Roddin and Tom Jefferson, a perfect, though unconventional, pair: Jason, the Jewish kid, is lightning fast and a natural wide-receiver, while African-American Tom has an amazing arm and a quarterback's feel for the game. After summer football camp at an elite sports-focused boarding school, the boys are thrilled to enroll on scholarship for their freshman year--despite their mothers' fears of injury and especially CTE.

On day one, they're stunned when the coaches make Tom a receiver and Jason a quarterback, a complete contradiction to their skill sets and training. Suspecting deep-seated racial bias, the boys speak out, risking both their scholarships and their chance to play. Soon local newspaper reports begin a secret investigation, and as tensions rise Jason and Tom must decide how much they're willing to lose in their quest to expose the ugly remnants of a racist past that still linger in contemporaryjock culture.

Praise for Backfield Boys :

"An intriguing look at racism in contemporary sports and the power private schools have in shaping sports and upholding racist traditions." -- Booklist

"A strong football hook will draw in most sports fans . . . The boys' driving quest for the truth will keep readers engaged." --School Library Journal

"Over the years, John Feinstein has built a career covering many aspects of athletics as a sportswriter, author, and media commentator. He has also written several sports novels for young adult audiences. In his most recent novel, Feinstein tackles racism in a way that is both thought-provoking and timely. . . . The end product is a fast-paced, reflective, well-written book that simultaneously entertains and challenges its readers." -- Children's Literature



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John Feinstein.


Backfield Boys.


New York, New York : Farrar Straus Giroux, 2018.



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